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Tennessee Roofing and Waterproofing, your Cookeville, Tennessee local, professional roofing company, provides FREE honest roof inspections to help determine if you need a repair or a replacement.  And when it comes to roof repair, we use only the best materials and professional roofers. Our reputation is on the line every time, and our commitment is to offer the best advice for your family’s home and budget.
Roof Inspection - Cookeville, Crossville, Sparta, Upper Cumberland

Questions to Ask Your Roofer

One of the most frightening aspects of home improvement is finding the right contractor. Don’t get ripped off! Before you hire a roofer, check out this list of questions on How to Hire the Best Roofer.

You can keep up with your local roofer and maybe get some ideas!

Roof Inspection

A proper roof inspection is essential in maintaining your home and protecting your investment.

  • An honest, reliable, roof inspection will reveal potential problems before they become a real nightmare.
  • The right roofer will perform an inspection and let you know when it’s time to repair or replace your roof.

Taking Care of Your Roof Means Taking Care of Your Entire Home

Your home’s roof is its first line of defense against storms and extreme weather. When homeowners neglect their roof until the first sign of a leak appears in the ceiling, they may already be facing much larger, costly problems. These problems can include unwanted structural issues, mold growth, or damaged insulation, for starters.

When to Schedule Roof Inspections

After a hailstorm or other extreme weather event, most homeowners recognize the need for a thorough roof inspection to determine whether their roof is damaged.  But that shouldn’t be the only time you consider your roof’s health. We recommend adding roof inspection to your home maintenance calendar annually. However, certain issues require an immediate inspection, such as:

  • Missing or bent shingles
  • Leaks
  • Piles of leaves and twigs on the roof
  • Bent gutters and/or trim

The best time of year to have your roof inspected is the fall, before the cold of winter sets in. Learn more about roof inspections here.

Be Proactive

You can examine the interior of your attic, looking closely for ceiling stains or wet insulation which indicate the need for a professional inspection. The exterior of the roof will also need a thorough look — a task better left to pros at Tennessee Roofing and Waterproofing who know what to look for and how to walk on a roof safely.

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