Metal Roofing, Middle and East Tennessee

Metal roofing, when installed correctly, offers protection from unpredictable Middle Tennessee weather. If not installed correctly, a new metal roof may leak, causing a host of expensive problems.

Call your local roofer at Tennessee Roofing & Waterproofing for top-quality materials and professional installation. We can help you out with new installations, repair, and replacement of your entire metal roofing system.
Metal Roofing Middle Tennessee

We Specialize in Metal Roof Installation

Utilizing the country’s most trusted manufacturers of metal roofing systems, Tennessee Roofing & Waterproofing offers a variety of metal roof panel profiles. They’re manufactured in 26- and 29-gauge steel and come in a variety of beautiful colors.

Our materials are recognized for their durability and resistance to harsh weather and will provide your home with increased protection against damaging events like wind, hail, ice, snow, and fire.

Our broad selection of steel panel profiles includes wide rib, corrugated, low profile, and more. Our premium metal panels are perfect for light gauge metal roofing and building needs.

Selecting the Right Metal Roofing Materials and Styles

When selecting panels for your project, it is essential to become familiar with roofing styles. Based on the look you prefer, there are several choices. We can help you choose whether you prefer the exposed fastener vs. the standing seam or concealed fastener systems. Once you’ve made that decision, we will then help you choose the right materials to fit your budget and your taste.

Exposed Fastener Metal Roof:

Exposed fastener metal roofing is an economical option for most any building. With this roofing style, overlapping panels are fastened directly to the roof deck. The fastener head is visible once installed. The fasteners are often painted to match the roofing panels to make them less visible.

Standing Seam/Concealed Fastener Systems:

With standing seam metal roofing, panels are interlocked at the edges to form a vertical seam. For residential applications, the panels normally snap together and there are no exposed fasteners. This method allows for expansion and contraction with changing temperatures, improving their lifespan and reducing wear on the roof deck. For greater strength and wind uplift capabilities, panels may be mechanically seamed.

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