Choosing the Best Roofing Materials

Choosing the best roofing materials is not an easy decision for most homeowners. Here are some helpful tips to help you get it right.
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Choosing the best roofing materials is not an easy decision for most homeowners. There are many factors to consider and the choices can be overwhelming. Style and color are very important, but homeowners also need to look for wind and fire-resistant materials that are right for their climate.  Here’s a list from that will help you choose:

When choosing roofing materials, consider the following questions.

    • How heavy is this material and will it require special framing?
    • Is the material available in a variety of colors and styles that complement your home?
    • Does the material meet the fire codes in your local area?
    • Are there special installation and maintenance issues to consider?
    • Does this material offer good performance in extreme weather conditions that are common in your area?
    • What is the cost, life span, and warranty for this product?

The most commonly used roofing materials in the Upper Cumberland area are metal and shingles. Metal roofing has been considered the most durable roofing material for many years, but with today’s technology, shingles are standing up to the test as well.

It’s Time to Call Your Roofer

It doesn’t hurt to ask your friends and neighbors, or better yet, your insurance agent for advice. But your best bet is to call a professional roofer. Tennessee Roofing & Waterproofing gives free estimates to homeowners. Remember, if we wouldn’t use it on our home, we will never use it on yours.

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